The Thrill of Stand up Comedy


I don’t know which part is more invigorating for me but I can tell you deep down that I love this trade. Laughter is considered the best medicine out there and there’s nothing I love more than delivering that cure to the audience. I believe Comedy can fix just about anything weighing down on your shoulders so why not get a higher dose of it?

There’s no such thing as an overdose of laughter and joy, so why not chase after it a bit more? Comedy is all about the presence and impression you make.

When I step out onto that stage, I have to be ready. I have to be prepared to make an impression on these people. Whatever I am going to be saying, whether it’s a story or a one-liner, it has to stick. There needs to be something about it that the listener can attach to, look over at the person next to them, and laugh maniacally (well, maybe not that much!) because I get it.

They get it.

It’s something they understand and went through. Airplane food, what’s up with that? Everyone dislikes the airplane food, it’s notorious for being unpleasant. Anyone who has taken a flight anywhere would understand. Because I bring up something they know and can relate to, it’s a laugh. Pitch the joke. Let it sink it. Everyone relates. Everybody laughs. Everyone feels better. Now we’re cookin’!

That’s what is so thrilling about the comedic experience for me, I can make everyone feel better. The laughs keep coming, the jokes keep flowing, and the laughter just increases left and right. We’re all friends, we’re experiencing something great together. Suddenly, I’ve created a memory with these people. They’ll go back and reflect upon this awesome time I gave them and fantastic things I made them feel. And it’s just magic.

Seeing those smiling faces, tears streaming, and stomach’s being held tight is nothing less than rewarding and amazing. I feel full of a life and energy that no other experience could match. I am the supplier of wonderful feelings. I am the doctor feel good. That is my favorite part of the experience as a whole.

But it doesn’t end there, oh no, no. When the audience starts to communicate with me it just becomes an even bigger event. The interaction between comedian and audience is absolutely crucial, in my eyes, and I try my best to optimize that feature of the gig. I say something they find hilarious and suddenly they are talking back to me. Shouting out questions or just trying to joke back at me, you name it.

That conversation and interaction is made by my comedic routine. By interacting with the audience, I have room for improvisation and can make a more personal connection with them. The wall between performer and viewer is broken and suddenly we’re all just people again. And here I am, standing tall with my microphone and sense of humor, trying to make these people smile and forget about their troubles. It’s great.