What I’ve Learned So Far While Touring

I like to think of myself as a great comedian. I work hard, I always try to improve myself and write better jokes, learn from my peers, and not take it too hard when the audience doesn’t laugh at my jokes sometimes. Every comedian has their good and bad days, including me, it’s what you do about it that matters. Touring is hard sometimes, you don’t get to see your old friends for a long time, but then, on the road, you make new ones, and there’s always someone else to talk to, besides your small crew.

I like keeping myself inspired while I’m touring. I try to read books in the van and maybe watch some TV shows on my laptop to take the edge off and keep me entertained. But I also like to write new jokes, or at least practice the old ones and come up with new ways of saying them. Being a stand-up comedian means that you should find your own jokes funny, and if you cease to do that, then that means you should change something up!

We were staying at a hotel in Ohio last month and I realized that a lot of my older jokes were becoming stale to me, like I’d outgrown them, and we were only a day away from the show. My confidence started to wane, it was like I didn’t believe in what I was saying. And one of the crucial things is to believe yourself to make others believe you. I thought, ‘I’m gonna improvise and try and write something new for tomorrow, just to see what comes out.’

Then I remembered our little incident a couple of weeks prior when Brian, my driver, who’s a big guy, broke the faucet at a diner’s toilet, and in trying to repair it, he broke the plumbing, a pipe and the water heater as well, all hell broke loose when the staff noticed. Wasted a ton of water, it was hilarious. Though I felt sorry for Brian because he’s so tall and broad, and people have prejudice about him that he’s mean, but he’s actually very sanguine and clumsy with little objects.

And that’s how I perked myself up, I decided to try telling this story, not turn it into a typical joke, but just make some observational jokes and see how the audience responds. Sometimes you have to try new things when you’re on the road!