Laughter Makes the World Go Round


When I need to have a good laugh, I tend to turn on the TV to watch a cheery sitcom or read the funnies section that is located in my favorite newspaper. When my need for comedy is greater, I watch the funniest movie that I can find in my DVD collection. But when all of this isn’t able to bring me the laughter I crave for, I opt to observe the so-called real world that surrounds me…and that pretty much does it for me!

Reading the weird news section of any newspaper or portal website is always able to crack me up like there is no tomorrow! I’ve read some crazy and unbelievable news that could make anybody’s mouth drop opened in disbelief, such as when a person claimed that her cat dialed 911, as well as when a man tried dialing 911 but gave up when he wasn’t able to find the “eleven” button, or the fearless robber who decided to wear a motor bike helmet that had his name prominently labeled across it–on the same day he decided to rob a bank. The fact that these types of scenarios are really happening around the globe makes it even funnier! One tends to have a basic expectation of common sense from people, but the word ‘common’ is often misleading!

Honestly, I used to think that these types of news were made up–until I finally had the opportunity of meeting some of the people in these real world snafus. It’s a great source of new stories for me to use in my stand-up comedy routines–especially, if I can reach out to the person in the story and interview them. So, when you feel bored or sad…just look around. Do not bother to read a joke book—instead, opt to read a newspaper. Knowing what happened to the duck that went to a bar and asked for a drink can only be funny the first time your
hear it. Responding to the ‘knock-knock joke’ can make you chuckle at first but will become boring soon after. But analyzing the real world and the funny things that people do is always able to fill your life with laughter.

It is no wonder why moviemakers spend so much time, energy and money in including bloopers at the end of movies. Many people claim that these bloopers are more exciting to watch than the actual films!

Just like the very well-known American author Ernest Hemingway who liked watching the world walk by, I tend to do the same—except that it seems that I am more entertained than Hemingway was, as I do not just see the world walk by but also make a fool of it all along the way.