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What’s the Deal With These New Kitchen Faucets?

Have you seen the craziness that’s in these new kitchen faucets that are in stores or online today? It’s like you’ve got to install a brand new industrial fire hose just to get water from your tap! Some of these faucets are crazy huge too and it makes me wonder if God isn’t looking down on them like they’re a second Tower of Babel.

If your kids start speaking a foreign language suddenly, it could be because you’ve got a modern kitchen faucet that’s as tall as you are.

I just don’t get why these new faucets are so tall. It’s ridiculous! How can you be focused on saving water when you’ve got two feet of water still coming out of the faucet after you’ve turned off the flow? Isn’t there a better way to approach kitchen faucets so you don’t have to enter a strong man competition just to be able to lift it up onto your mount?

Does Size Really Matter? 

I know, I know… size counts. I get it. The size you have doesn’t matter, however, if you can get your detachable spray hose to either attach or spray. You might have all the size in the world and make life easier and more pleasurable for everyone, but if you’ve got faulty equipment – that’s when you’re really screwed!

Then there’s all these spray patterns. Growing up, there was one kind of water flow in the kitchen. It was called “on.” It usually occurred when Mom, who was disgusted by the fact that I was rolling around outside in the same places the dog liked to roll, would drag me over to the kitchen sink by the ear and demand that I turn on the water.

There was no spray function. There was no “pause” function. There was just the “you stay here until you get all of the dirt out from under your nails” function. And there was only one type of faucet – they were all the same.

There Are Other Extremes Too

Maybe you’ve stayed away from size because you don’t want something gaudy in your kitchen. You’ve still got pain to feel too! These new faucets go towards the other extreme as well and are so small and streamlined that they do a better job of impersonating a 2D faucet from an old Japanese video game. There’s these little teeny-tiny levers that control the water flow and the temperature and I suppose they work for teeny-tiny hands.

I’ve got some news for you, kitchen faucet manufacturers. I’ve got fat fingers! Maybe that’s just a ploy to get me to invest into that new touch technology that some faucets have or get one of those fancy motion detector faucets that make me do things most reminiscent of what I do with my fingers on my iPhone.

Kitchen faucets today can be ridiculous, but there are some good ones out there too. One big thing with all this variety in kitchen faucets means that there are all different types of faucets, and the best kitchen faucets for one style of kitchen might be completely different to those for another kitchen. Depending on which model you buy, they can be dismounted, help the world save water, and get the job done right. If you want one of those tall ones, however, you might also consider investing some of that cash you saved into a Rosetta Stone software product just in case your kids start to babble.